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Sphere Information Technologies Inc.

Sphere Information Technologies Inc. provides effective, powerful information technologies services. Featuring QANTEL Technologies' world renowned line of software products, Sphere Information Technologies Inc. has the tools, staff and knowledge to help you better manage your business computing needs.

Is Sphere Information Technologies Inc.'s Software right for you and your business?

Do you need a high-quality, redundant, safe and traceable accounting system?
Do you need a reliable manufacturing and inventory control system?
Do you anticipate significant growth in the future, and need software that can adapt and grow with you?
Are you fed-up with of crash-prone software and operating systems?
Do you need a secure system upon which you can build your business?
Do you need quick, instant and secure access to your data from anywhere, anytime?
Are you an existing QANTEL user who needs some software modifications?
If you answered yes to any of the above, then Sphere's software is the right choice for your business software needs.

Don't hesitate, call today for more information! 1.877.329.9399

Breaking News:

Sphere has recently discovered a bug in QMRP that affects the calculation of the current actual costs of some items of inventory intermittently.

Fix: Until QANTEL issues the correct fix, please ensure that:

{how to fix/avoid this bug}

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